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Este post não é para ninguem em especial, é pra toda a gente :), em especial as meninas, mas para os meninos tambem!

Não sei se conhecem uma senhora chamada Oprah, mas segundo um artigo que esta no site da CNN ( ARTIGO ), tudo se torna mais fácil se simplesmente disserem o que querem.

Vou deixar aqui um pequeno extracto:

 "I want my husband to have more sex with me," a girlfriend remarks at lunch. "I feel like he rarely initiates it, and I want to do it more often."

"Did you tell him how you feel?" I ask, after the waiters have administered strong smelling salts and propped me back in my chair. "Don't you think that the first step might be saying that to him instead of me?"

"Honestly, I could never," she responds. "He would assume I was dissatisfied or accuse me of being a nag. But I've been buying lots of silk lingerie and sheer little nighties and making sure I look my best at bedtime, hoping to pique his interest. Besides, it's not like I necessarily want to have more sex per se, I just want him to want me to."

Right. So, she wants sex, but she doesn't want it. She merely wants her husband to want it so she can get what she wants -- which, perversely, is something she doesn't particularly want. Wouldn't it cost less, both in mental and actual currency, if she were to sit out the dance, look him plain in the eye, and speak her mind? Why can't she say what she wants?"

Leiam o resto do artigo :)

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